Mt Washington, Olympic Range, June 2009

Eric, Paul, and I attempted to summit Mt Washington in the early summer.
Weather made navigation difficult near the top, and we wound up climbing to the top of the arete just west of the true summit.

This is a good photo to enlarge.
Check out that craggy subalpine terrain.

Once we broke out of the trees, subapline vistas lay ahead.
The summit is up there, somwhere.

We were menaced by a slightly hostile mama goat, just 50 feet from the subalpine basin.

She refused to let Eric pass!
Paul took this photo while we discussed alternatives.

There were two goats, a mother and her little baby kid.

After a few minutes, we slipped past them while they eyed us suspicously.


Nice weather one moment.
Quick, look upslope and pick a route while we can see!

All clouds and mist a few moments later.
Where were we going again? Was it up this chute or that one?

Hmmm.. Lets just go up this one and see where it takes us.

Getting steeper...

Yeah, I think we're off route.

We scrambled up to the vertical dead end at the top of the ridge.
It was hairy enough and scary enough to make us call it a day!
That's close enough to the summit for me!

On the way down...

This guy smelled my lunch.
He wanted to get a closer look.

He climbed up onto the block just above where we were eating.
Then he started decending towards us.

Pretty funny, but a little sketchy too.
We packed up lunch and moved on.

Is that salmon? Oh man, that IS salmon!

Hey! Where are you guys goin'?