Steamboat Prow, Mt. Rainier
June 21, 2015

Kevin and I hiked up to Steamboat Prow on Mt. Rainier on June 21st, Summer Solstice and Father's Day!

Steamboat Prow looms over Camp Schurman, one of the two high camps on Mt. Rainier that serve as base camps for summit attempts.
I took this photo from Dege Peak last year.
Steamboat Prow is the top of the prominent triangular feature on the east side of Mt. Rainier that holds the Interglacier.

The hike starts out at the White River Campground, and ascends into the subalpine.

At the tree-line, the trail ends at Glacier Basin.

Here's a photo mosaic of the route ahead, up the lower portion of the Interglacier.
You can see the boot tracks and glissade tracks from other climbers going up the Interglacier.

At look back down toward Glacier Basin and the White River.

After a mile or so of fairly steep snow-slogging, we arrived at this rocky ridge on the east side of the Interglacier.

Yours truly, with the Emmons Glacier and Little Tahoma behind me, to the east.

We took this photo before the final push up to the top of Steamboat Prow.

Rahhr!!!! Summit!

A look toward the summit of Mt. Rainier.

This photo shows the route from Camp Schurman up to the summit.

Over about six hours, we climbed about 5,200 feet to Steamboat Prow and then hiked back down to the car, a total of about 11-12 miles!
What a great Father's Day!
Welcome summer!