Silverstar, North Cascades
Summer 2001

Kevin and Dan and I climbed Silverstar from highway 20 in the year 2001.
It was a pretty grueling climb, as I recall.
When we made it to the ridge near the summit we saw some incoming weather and calculated that we would just barely have time to make the summit and start racing back down.
Well, it turned out that we were on the summit when the weather hit. The summit is so small that we had to be up there one-at-a-time. I remember clutching the end of the jagged promontory, face into the wind and feeling exhilarated by the effort, the view, and the screaming internal danger warnings as I gazed at the dizzying drop below me and felt the wind blasting my body.
I recall thinking that this is what it would feel like to be the masthead of a ship during a storm!
The photos don't cover the trip very well, but I'm sure they were taken that day, so here they are:

The route from somewhere near the highway, looking up toward the ridge and summit.

I believe this is a view SW from the ridge.

We had a spectacular view of the Early Winter Spires.

The Early Winter Spires.