Mount Shasta, South Cascades
Summer 2001

This epic climb was poorly documented, but I recently (as of 2014) found these three photos!
This was a Dan, Kevin, Gabe climb, and one of the great ones. We climbed the West Face of Shasta, not the main route.
We camped in a bowl below Shastina and set out early in the morning for the summit.
Oh, there are some good stories from this climb, mostly involving elevation sickness (me) and summit fever (Dan).

All I'm going to say here is that we made it. This was our first (and so far our last) 14,000+ foot summit.

Hard-fought-for summit shot

We couldn't believe it. A bunch of US Marines came tromping up to the summit, from the north!.
I was happy to hear that only about half of them made it.

Volcano sighting: That's Mt. McLoughlin (Oregon) in the distance.

This is the only scenic shot I got for some reason (arrggh!)
That's Shastina on the left. The photo was taken from a little ways above the pass between Shastina and Shasta.
I don't remember the name of the little cinder cone down in the valley.

Why no more pictures? Good question!