Goat Mountain, West Summit (almost), North Cascades
Summer 2003

This infamous climb was a comedy of errors that has spawned hours of conversation.

We blazed our own 'trail' from the switchback below Twin Lakes, across the valley, and up the near-sheer walls below the west summit of Goat Mountain.
Goat Mountain is pretty accessible, and I'd climbed the west peak from the Hannegan Pass side, and also the north (east?) peak from Twin Lakes.

This time, I was determined to get to the west peak from the Twin Lakes side, and that meant climbing the steep and wet walls below (fun!)
Going up was alright, going down was kinda sketch, but mostly, the problem was a lack of leadership, planning, and care.
We took risks, we made mistakes, then we made it back down to the bottom.

A few minutes before arriving back at Nick's Jeep, Nick slipped on a slippery rock and busted his wrist.

What a day.