Mt. Ellinor
April 24, 2016

Cynthia and I managed to get up into the misty Olympic muontains to celebrate our anniersary

The road was clear to within a few hundred feet of the upper trailhead.
Most people were parked at the lower trailhead.

I don't think I've ever hiked it from the upper trailhead.
It sure made this a relatively easy climb, shortening the hike to about 4 miles.

The trail was clear of snow for the first few switchbacks.
After that, we were in a winter wonderland.

It's our anniversary (tomorrow actually)!
We had originally planned to do this hike with Kevin and Evan.
Due to unforeseen events (child-care, injury, weather), we cancalled the hike.
Then, on Saturday evening, the child-care stars realigned (Thanks Meghan), and we decided to brave the marginal weather forecast and just go for it.

It started snowing on us as we appraoched the winter route.
It was a fast-pelting icy snow. It froze to our packs and helmets.
We stayed dry, and it made for great ambiance.

Mid-way up the winter route.

Cynthia reaching the top of the winter route.

The sun never really came out, but we did catch a few breaks.

It stopped snowing on us during the last push along the ridge to the summit.

Seven good years.

Now for the glissade back down.