Mt. Defiance
August 24, 2014

This was a fairly chill day-hike up in the Snoqualmie Pass Area.
We climbed about 3,500 feet and hiked about 11 miles, round-trip.

The rock was granitic, the day was sunny (at first), and the guys I hadn't seen in a long time. So, everything looked good to go.
Not much more to say here...
The mountain was pretty mellow, and wasn't even really an alpine summit. In fact, it barely felt sub-alpine.
We had a swim in Mason Lake after the summit, and another swim through the heavy rain and cherry-pit-sized hail on the way out.
It wound up being a pretty fun day, even with the thunderstorm that chased us out of the mountains.

We ended the day at the Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company, where I'd recommend the stout on nitro.

Kevin led the charge. That's Mount Defiance straight ahead.

I-90 was visible down in the valley.

Not a bit of snow in sight. My ice axe hasn't been out since Rainier, and is feeling sad this year.
With this summer shaping up to be one of the hottest on record, it's doubtful that the ice axe will get out at all!
Strangely, I yearn for winter!

Bandera Mountain was behind us. We were considering taking the hour and a half to climb it on the way out.
The thunderstorm helped us with that decision. Nah.

Summit Shot!
I had a chance to catch up with these guys while we were out.
Dan recently returned from a six-week Geology Field Camp, mostly in Idaho and Montana. He graduates this December with his B.S. in Geology!
Kevin recently returned from an trip to Utah, where he hiked the Narrows of Zion, including the much-less-travelled Upper Narrows.

Panorama facing north

Mason Lake, where we took a brief dip on the way out.

It was good to get out into the mountains with these guys again, but the relatively low-elevation and short duration of the hike left me wanting more, much more.
The summer's not over yet...

UPDATE: Summer is OVER