The Brothers

Eastern Olympic Range

All of these photos are from the second day of our climb.
We left basecamp around 9:00 AM, climbed to the summit of the South Brother. We then returned to the car.
At 12 miles, 4000 feet up and 6000 feet down, it was a long day

About an hour into the climb we came across a large snowpack with a tunnel melted through it.

From another snowpack above the ice tunnel, we could see our route to the summit.

Up there, beyond those cliffs, there is a summit waiting to be climbed!

Over those cliffs...



and more up...

The summit!

The obligatory group photo on the summit

Erik Mapes (he's back from Japan)

A poorly stitched panorama facing East. The volcano is Mt. Ranier and this photo just doesn't do the view justice. We had a great view of Mt. Baker, Glacier Peak, Mt. Ranier, Mt. St. Helens, as well as Seattle and the Puget Sound. To the West we could see most of the Olympic Range.

Time to go back down.

A well-deserved break on the way back down.