Mt. Baker Climb
June 23-25, 2006

Gabe's Photos

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We could see the summit from our campsite Friday night at the trailhead.

On Saturday morning, we hiked up onto the Coleman Glacier where we made Base Camp.
I took a few pictures near the base of the glacier during a brief stop for water.

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The trudge up to the glacier begins...

The last push on Saturday.
We camped in the rocks seen at the top of the slope.

Some photos taken from Base Camp on Saturday afternoon
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Summit Day!
We woke up at 2:30 am and began our push for the summit just before dawn.

Cary and Kevin in the lead...

Dan and Marty in the rear...

Stopping for a breather and letting another group pass by about 1 hour from camp.

Dawn breaks over the Coleman Glacier.

One of the Black Buttes up close.

The 35 acre ice cap on the summit dome.
The true summit of Baker in the distance is about 1/3 mile away.

Dan's Photos

Cary's Photos