Mt. Baker
Easton Route
Summer 2000

Kevin and Dan and I climbed Mt. Baker for our first time in 2000 by ascending the Easton Glacier route.
I recall starting our climb just after dawn from a crowded parking lot/trailhad where we had spent the night.
After a few miles of hiking we started hearing the snowmobiles. They caught up with us quickly and were buzzing around us for the rest of the day.
The next morning, before dawn we were climbing. Dan got sick, hurled, then felt better.
We climbed to the crater rim, which I've only seen on this occasion. It was awesome! It's too bad you can't see it from the Deming route.
We were proud of our speed on the Roman Wall, passing several other groups on the way up. We summited and began heading back down.
On the way down, we got separated. Dan missed the camp and went a few hundred feet below camp. He lucked out and got a ride back to camp from a snowmobiler!
I think this was our first glaciated summit!

A panorama (old-school) of Sherman Peak and Grant's Peak from the crater rim at the top of the Easton Glacier.

Dan and Gabe sitting on the crater rim.